Riding on the track is great fun and all, but what about those times when you just want to get lost in the desert, where your engine is the only sound for miles around? Whether it be your dirt bike or ATV, Nevada’s public lands have some of the greatest off-road trails you’ll find anywhere. So, the next time you need to get in some alone time, or are just looking to explore our beautiful state, head out to Dog Valley, or Hunter Lake, or Leviathan in Carson City.

What are some of the reasons you love off-roading? Is it that you can abandon most of the rules we live by day-by-day as we navigate the streets of our cities? Or maybe it’s the bouncing and rattling as you pick your way through impossible trenches, or looming boulders. Either way, there’s something undeniably unique about the experience of powering through the wilderness—something feral, almost as if the vehicle becomes more than just a tool to get you from A to B: it becomes alive, somehow.

It’s the difference in who we are that makes it so necessary to take advantage of the off-road trails Northern Nevada has to offer. Too often we drive around, stopping at lights and waiting, bumper to bumper with every nuanced feeling of stress imaginable running through our brains. We’re out of touch with the magic, and sheer insanity of what our vehicles are capable, so focused on being on time to work, that we forget that we’re moving faster than just about any creature on the planet, while, miraculously, getting fatter year after year at the same time.

It seems the real call to action here is to use the jaw dropping innovations we have at our fingertips to get in touch with yourself and your surroundings.

Here at Wild West Motorsports, we have turned our idea of an off-road racetrack into a reality. We believe that an off-road vehicle has the ability and potential to take you places you’d otherwise never see—doubt it? Come see for yourself.